Instituto de Óptica «Daza de Valdés»

Juan I. Larruquert, Antonio P. Pérez-Marín, Sergio García-Cortés, Luis Rodríguez-de Marcos, José A. Aznárez, and José A. Méndez


The optical constants of ion-beam-sputtered B4C films have been measured by ellipsometry in the 190–950 nm range. The set of data has been extended toward both shorter and longer wavelengths with data in the literature, along with interpolations and extrapolations, in order to obtain a self-consistent set of data by means of Kramers–Krönig analysis. All data correspond to films that were deposited by sputtering on nonheated substrates, and hence they are expected to be amorphous. The B4C bandgap was calculated as a fitting parameter of Tauc equations for indirect transitions using the present optical constants. Good global accuracy of the data was estimated through the use of various sum rules. The consistent data set includes the visible to the extreme UV (EUV); this large spectrum of characterization will enable the design of multilayer coatings that combine a relatively high reflectance in parts of the EUV with a desired performance at a secondary range, such as the visible.