FUV-EUV reflectometer in an iso-8 clean room

GOLD developed a reflectometer with the main following features:

  • Main spectral range: 40-200 nm.
  • Light consists in spectral lines from discharge lamps, including windowless, gas flowing lamps.
  • In an ISO-8 clean room.
  • Main chamber in UHV.
  • Reflectometer connected in vacuum to evaporation and to sputtering chamber for in situ measurements.
  • TGM1200 monochromator from Horiba Jobin Ivon. It consists in a grazing-incidence, toroidal-grating monochromator, in which the entrance and exit arms are 146° apart. The monochromator covers the 12.5–200-nm spectral range with two Pt-coated diffraction gratings.

Reflectometer and evaporation system, general view

Additional metrology equipment

In addition to the FUV-EUV reflectometer, near UV to near IR spectrophotometers are available at Institute of Optics. They consist in Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900 and Lambda 9 spectrophotometers covering reflectance and transmittance measurements in the 190-2500 nm range.

The reflectometer. From left to right: lamp, monochromator, polarizer, main chamber

The main reflectometer chamber and the connected deposition chambers