Instituto de Óptica “Daza de Valdés”

Mónica Fernández-Perea, Juan I. Larruquert, José A. Aznárez, José A. Méndez, Luca Poletto, A. Marco Malvezzi, Angelo Giglia, and Stefano Nannarone


The transmittance of thin films of Sc deposited by evaporation in ultrahigh vacuum conditions has been investigated in the 20–1000eV spectral range. Transmittance measurements were performed in situ on Sc layers that were deposited over grids coated with a C support film. Transmittance measurements were used to obtain the extinction coefficient of Sc films at each individual photon energy investigated. These data, along with the data available in the literature for the rest of the spectrum, were used to obtain the refractive index of Sc by means of the Kramers–Krönig analysis. Sum-rule tests indicated an acceptable consistency of the data.