Instituto de Óptica “Daza de Valdés”

Juan I. Larruquert, José A. Aznárez, José A. Méndez, Andrea Marco Malvezzi, Luca Poletto, and Sara Covini


The optical properties of thin Sc films deposited in ultrahigh-vacuum conditions have been investigated in the 6.7–174.4-nm spectral range. We measured transmittance and multiangle reflectance in situ in the 53.6–174.4 nm spectral range and used these measurements to obtain the complex refractive index of a Sc film at every individual wavelength investigated. Transmittance measurements were made of Sc samples that were deposited over grids coated with a support C film. The transmittance and the extinction coefficient of Sc films at wavelengths shorter than 30 nm were measured ex situ. The ex situ samples were protected with an additional top C film before their removal from vacuum. To our knowledge, these are the first optical measurements of Sc films reported in the spectral ranges cited.